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With its innovative approach, Zeydemir has been leaving everlasting marks on the Turkish retail industry for the last 3 years. Zeydemir enriches cities by building shopping malls that are more spacious, more environmentally conscious, and more uniquely designed. Every city needs a fresh breath. In the projects developed by Zeydemir, spaciousness and functionality are always the priority.

Having successfully completed three shopping mall projects in three years, Zeydemir has made a significant contribution to the industry’s growth by making an investment worth 310 Million TL. In total, Zeydemir has developed closed construction areas of 250 thousand m2, and landscapes of 400 thousand m2.

Planning to keep on making profitable investments in Turkish cities, and with four and five new shopping mall investments in 2017 and 2018, respectively; Zeydemir will bring together consumers and retailers in projects that have environmentalist architectures.


Dear Business Partners and Visitors,

Every passing day you witness the opening of another new shopping mall, getting lost in the concrete jungle and diving into the crowd. Let us make this clear: Zeydemir does not invest in any project that is not environmental or aesthetically pleasing. All of the investments we have made have been granted prestigious architecture awards.

You may think that there are already tens of shopping malls, so who needs a new one? You are right: Zeydemir strictly does not make investments in the 5 largest cities of Turkey, or in cities that have already been flooded with shopping malls.

The reason is quite clear. In big cities, shopping malls barely fulfill the town’s needs for consumption. Yet that is not the case in smaller cities. When making an investment, we also seek certain social purposes as providing a city with a breath of fresh air, aspacious and refreshing recreational area, and an aesthetic yet environmental structure.

We aim to accomplish projects that leave a mark in Turkish cities that have the potential to grow and the opportunity to progress socially. We provide the city with new social spaces while maintaining the area’s historical and environmental attributes; and with great devotion, we also invite the world’s strongest brands to where we have made our investments.

We strive to become the fastest-growing shopping mall investor in Turkey. In the three years that have passed since our company was founded, we have finished the year of 2016 with three shopping malls with the contribution of our successful, innovative and active team. We aim to have accomplished the investments for 7 shopping malls by the end of the current year of 2017, and 12 shopping malls by the end of 2018.

In this path which we have taken in order to develop our distinctive real estate and construction projects with a sense of quality and reliability; we have been competing in the national and international markets with an evolving vision, with investments that grow as the high technology grows.

Since our company was founded, we have been so busy that we simply did not have the time to express ourselves clearly. You only saw Zeydemir once every year, receiving an award on a stage. But from now on, we will try to better share with you the environmental philosophy and innovative perception of Zeydemir; we will leave more marks on you. We would like to thank, first and foremost, to our employees who are the architectures of our success; to our retailers who have trusted and walked alongside us, and to our increasing visitors for their contributions.

Beytullah Aksoy